can i delete snapchat pics that someone else saved

If you are looking for can i delete snapchat pics that someone else saved then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

Though Snapchat will delete the pictures in the chats automatically, however, it also opens the door to you. Snapchat memories allows you to save your favorite snaps, including the sent to others and saved pictures from your story in your post.

Removing a friend on Snapchat will not remove them from your chat list. Similarly, it will not remove you from the other person’s chat list. That being said, the other person will still be able to see the saved messages. Does blocking someone on Snapchat get rid of saved messages?

When you want to delete the Snapchat photos about your ex, embarrassing moments, or whatever else, do not forget to delete the snaps from memories. Step 1. Step 2. Tap and select the snap or story that you want to delete. Step 3. Hit the options icon in the upper right corner. Step 4.

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