can someone see if they view your profile on snapchat

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On Snap, you can see how many people viewed your story, as well as exactly who did. But you can’t tell if the person actually watched your snap from start to finish. Does checking someone’s profile continuous makes them appear on your recent list of Snapchat? Yes because your Snapchat will give you a recommendation list.

Meaning if you do suspect someone’s trying to break into your house or if your significant other is peeping to see if you’re out there cheating on them, there really isn’t a way to tell. Except if they do the following. The only way you can tell if someone viewed your Snapchat location is if they check your Snapchat status.

Since Snapchat doesn’t have an online status indicator to tell if someone’s online, there’s no way to check when someone was last active on the app. Unlike on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, you cannot see when was the last time someone on your friends list used Snapchat.

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