can someone see if you look them up on snapchat

No. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t show you if someone is viewing your location or not. If you feel that someone is using your location to keep tabs on you, the best thing to do is use the app’s Ghost Mode, or at the very least, change your settings so that the other user can’t see it.

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How do you know if someone has seen your message on Snapchat?

You know your Snapchat message has been seen when the delivered message under their name changes to open. Another way you can find your message status is by holding down on the text you have sent. If they have opened it, then it will come up with their name and say “Seen” by “Username”.

Can you see who blocked you on Snapchat?

Depending on their Snapchat privacy settings, however, they may not receive them if they only allow their friends to contact them. To search for the user who you suspect blocked you, tap the Search function at the top of the screen on the conversations tab or snap tab, marked by a magnifying glass icon.

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