can someone see if you pin a conversation on snapchat

Their chat will move up to the top of the list, tagged with a thumbtack emoji. They won’t receive any sort of notification about it. You can only have up to three conversations pinned at a time. To take away someone’s pin, hold your finger down on them again, select Chat Settings, and then Unpin Conversation.

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How to unpin a conversation on Snapchat?

The procedure to unpin a chat is similar, as well. Navigate to the chat list, then tap and hold the pinned person at the top. Tap on “More” and select “Unpin Conversation”. Note: If you can’t see the pin conversation option despite running the latest version of Snapchat on your iPhone then you need to wait.

How do I Pin a conversation on my screen?

To pin a conversation, swipe right to switch from the Camera screen to the Chat screen. Then simply, press and hold on a friend (or group) until the menu appears. From here, tap on Chat Settings before finally tapping on Pin Conversation. Once done, the pinned chat will remain at the top of the user’s Chat screen.

How to pin a conversation to a friend on WhatsApp?

1 First go the Friends screen by swiping right from the Camera screen 2 Then press and hold a Friend or a Group entry 3 Now, from the options that pop up, tap ‘Chat Settings’, followed by ‘Pin Conversation’

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