can someone see if you pin their conversation on snapchat

No one is notified when you pin a conversation.

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What happens when you pin a conversation on Snapchat?

When you pin a conversation, it always appears at the top of your “Chat” screen, even if you receive new messages in other conversations. If you no longer want a chat at the top, you can easily unpin that conversation. Snapchat also lets you customize the icon used to display the pinned chats. We’ll cover that as well here in this guide.

How do you unpin a chat on Snapchat?

If you use Google Chat, you can pin conversations in that service as well. To unpin a chat and remove it from the top of the “Chat” screen, first, open Snapchat on your iPhone. In the app’s bottom bar, tap the “Chat” option (a bubble icon). On the “Chat” page, tap and hold the pinned chat to unpin.

How do I Pin a chat on my screen in messenger?

In the bottom bar of the app, tap “Chat” (a bubble icon). On the “Chat” screen, tap and hold the conversation you want to pin. In the menu that opens, tap “Chat Settings.” In the “Chat Settings” menu, tap “Pin Conversation.” And your selected chat is now pinned to the top of the “Chat” screen.

How do I Pin a conversation with someone else?

Pinning a conversation with someone else is fairly simple to do through the app. To pin a conversation, swipe right to switch from the Camera screen to the Chat screen. Then simply, press and hold on a friend (or group) until the menu appears. From here, tap on Chat Settings before finally tapping on Pin Conversation.

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