can someone see if you replay their snapchat story 2018

Your friends and family can view the 24-hour long story on your profile, and you have all the options to see how many people viewed it and who viewed it but no way of knowing if someone replayed your story.

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How many times can you replay a snap on Snapchat?

But recipients can replay a snap once — and only once — by double-clicking on it and the sender will receive a notification that their snap was replayed.

How do I know if someone has seen my Snapchat story?

Each snap will show how long the Snap has been around and how many views it’s received. If you don’t see any views listed, then sorry, nobody has seen your snap. If you do see an eye icon with a number next to it, tap the icon to reveal the names of those people who’ve seen your Story.

What happens if you watch a Snapchat story more than once?

But when a Snapchat story is viewed for a second time — or multiple times — the content uploader is not informed. Translation: You can view someone’s Snapchat story 101 times and they will be none the wiser that you are re-watching their Snapchat story. To replay a private snap, you need to act quickly.

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