can someone see on snapchat u blocked them

No. If you have blocked a person, they cannot tell that they have been blocked. This means that you are still on their friend list, even though they are not on yours. There is no option available to add a person again if they are already on your friend list.

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This is why there is no way to unsend a snap once you hit send. Similarly, if you send a snap and then block the person, the blocked person will still receive the snap as if nothing happened. They can open and view the snap too, even if they are blocked. However, they will not be able to Snapback.

Also – even if you block someone and delete the history from your end, they’ll still have history on their end (if they saved it.) You should be able to see everything you have communicated together until the moment that you Blocked them. In Snapchat, what would happen if I sent a message to someone that isn’t my friend, but then blocked them?

There’s an insecurity in not knowing if your block is sufficient enough. Rest assured, a Snapchat block is a very powerful means of cutting off communication with someone. It completely and totally silences the airwaves. You will not have to see or read another message from them for the foreseeable future—unless you so choose to unblock them.

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