can you add someone on snapchat after deleting them

Obviously, in order to add someone you’ve deleted, you need to remember their account. This shouldn’t be hard if you’ve deleted an old friend. Note* You can add people by username, contacts, Snapcode, and it’s easier to add people nearby. You can even add them from your address book.

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Adding back a Snapchat user is the same as adding them for the first time. If you know their username, all you have to do is go to the ‘Search’ bar at the top of the screen and look them up. When they show up under the ‘Add Friends’ banner, tap on the ‘Add’ button to add them back to Snapchat.

Originally Answered: If I remove a friend on Snapchat, will they be notified if I add them agian? Well, Snapchat won’t send them a notification that you’ve removed them, but it is possible they could figure it out. For example, if you decide to add them again at some point, they will get a notification of that.

How to remove someone on Snapchat. Go to your friends list. Tap the username of the account you wish to remove on Snapchat. Tap the gear icon to the right of their name. Select ”Delete” to remove them from your contacts.

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