can you delete someone off your best friends on snapchat

Swipe right to go to the Chat screen. Tap and hold on a friend’s name. Tap “Manage Friendship” Tap “Remove Friend”

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It aims to keep friends in touch with one another. As such, the app lists your contacts in the Send To function, and right at the top, you’ll find your “Best Friends”. But what does Best Friends mean on Snapchat? Can anyone else see who you’re friends with? And how can you get someone off your Best Friends list on Snapchat?

Yes, they will know if you have deleted them, and removed them from your friend’s list on Snapchat. In every Snapchat user’s profile, there is a list of “Snapchatters who have added you back”. If they check the list the list and you are not in there, they’ll be able to understand that they’ve been removed as a friend.

Now you might wonder why someone would want to remove someone from their best friends list. Obvious reasons, maybe they don’t like calling them their best friend. Or, the ‘best friends’ are not best friends anymore and would prefer not seeing their names under the best friends list.

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