can you get back old snapchat messages

Select Snapchat Messages and then click on Recover. You can also recover data from your iTunes or iCloud backups. You must select the desired source while initiating the recovery process, such as Recover from iTunes.

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1 How to see and recover unsaved old messages on Snapchat As Snapchat app on your phone will store the unsaved and deleted messages on your device’s memory. … 2 Open the File Manager app and find folder. 3 Explore for the files with .nomedia extension, and select each and every file with this extension. More items…

The best way to see old Snaps is really to save them. Using screen recording apps, or apps designed to save Snaps, you’ll be sure to have easy access to snaps even after they’re gone. Do you think Snapchat should have an option to save Snaps?

Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging. Once connected, you can select “Gallery” “Picture Library” “Videos” in the recovery list and click “Next” to start scanning all deleted and old media files in a few minutes. During the scan process, this Snapchat recovery tool will root your Android device.

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