can you see someone’s snapchat story when they blocked you

If someone blocks you on Snapchat Story, you can chat with them but can’t see their story. The only method to find out if they blocked you is by asking a mutual friend if they are still seeing his/her stories.

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If you were to unblock them at some point, the sent message will not be delivered to you. While on the blocked person’s side it will remain unread, you will not receive the message. Similarly, if the blocked person sent you a snap while they were booked, the snap will not be visible to you once you unblock them.

No. If you block them, they will not see yours nor will you see theirs. It’s the same story the other way around. If someone’s blocked you, they’ll not see your story, nor will you be able to send them snaps or messages. Use Quora advertising to cover the entire buyer’s journey.

If you add the person within 24 hours and send a Snap, you can keep the streak. Q. Will blocking someone on Snapchat delete unopened snaps? No. Snapchat will not delete unopened snaps and the recipient can still choose to open them.

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