can you see when someone screen records your snapchat story

The simple answer to your question is “Yes.” Snapchat sends an instant notification to the user whenever you screen records their story or chat. Snapchat also sends a notification to the user when you screenshot their story or chat.

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Some of which get blocked by Snapchat while others are impossible to detect. Therefore, you can tell if someone screenshots your Snapchat post or story, but it’s only half the time.

Whether you use Android or iOS, the possibilities of recording a Snapchat story without the other person knowing is roughly 50 percent. Since there are tons of apps available and new ones popping up left and right, it can be hard to tell if Snapchat detects them and sends notifications to the other party.

In our testing, receiving a notification when someone has taken a screenshot of your story has proven temperamental and inconsistent. For sure, though, you can find out who has taken a screenshot or saved a video of your Snapchat stories. ALSO: This new Animal Crossing island designer is fantastic

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