can you take someone out of the snapchat group

You can’t directly remove someone from a Snapchat group — but there are workarounds. For example, you can set up a new Snapchat group and simply omit the person you wish to remove. Or you can ask them to leave the Snapchat group, if you’re comfortable with that.

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What is Snapchat group chat and how to use it?

Snapchatters can create a Snapchat Group and share their daily snaps and chat with their added friends. The Snapchat Group Chat Feature is good yet difficult to navigate when it comes to managing the group members in various situations.

Do group chat messages disappear after some time?

Any messages sent will also disappear, even if they haven’t yet been opened by other members of the chat. For members who do look at the message, it disappears in the usual way shortly after they see it. Creating a group chat is easy.

How do I see who has looked at my Snapchat messages?

If you just want to know who in the group has looked at your chats, tap and hold on the snap or message you sent. You’ll be able to see who has viewed it and who has saved it.

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