can you tell if someone looks you up on snapchat

No. Unfortunately, Snapchat doesn’t show you if someone is viewing your location or not.

If you are looking for can you tell if someone looks you up on snapchat then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

Can you tell if someone follows you Back on Snapchat?

Every single one featured in the app was a mutual friend, following us back, which meant we could communicate, send our location, and view their private, friends-only Snap stories without an issue. You can search for specific friends here, too, which is a good way to tell whether someone follows you back.

Can you tell if someone is online on Snapchat without uploading?

Anyone can be online on Snapchat without actually uploading content on their profile but there’s still a way to know if someone is active by checking for your story views. If you have an active story on your Snapchat profile, you can check its viewers list.

How to know if someone replay your snap on Snapchat?

If a person is at the top of your viewer’s list and you know want to know if they replay your snap, you can ask a friend to quickly view your snap, and then wait to see if this person’s name moves to the top again. If you notice that your list is not changing, close the Snapchat app and reopen it.

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