did snapchat get rid of filters

Snap told NPR that it is eliminating the tool. The maker of the Snapchat app is eliminating a feature known as the “speed filter” that lets users capture how fast they are moving and share it with friends, NPR has learned.

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Will removing the speed filter on Snapchat really save lives?

“Lives will be saved. Crashes will be prevented, but the lawyer in me says, ‘My God, why did it take so long?'” said Joel Feldman, the co-founder of the nonprofit End Distracted Driving, one of the groups that urged Snapchat to remove the speed filter.

What happened to snap filter?

Snapchat Ends ‘Speed Filter’ That Critics Say Encouraged Reckless Driving The messaging app popular with teens is dropping a feature first launched in 2013. After several deadly car crashes involving the filter, Snap was the target of numerous lawsuits.

Why is Apple’s speed filter controversial?

The company has also faced lawsuits from the families of those who have been injured or killed in car crashes where drivers were moving at excessive speeds, allegedly to score bragging rights on the app. Critics of the speed filter welcomed the news, while also questioning the delay.

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