does it say when someone leaves a snapchat group

Simply put- yes, they will. The mechanics of Snapchat’s Group Story work in the way that whoever leaves the group, all of their messages will automatically be deleted from it, so, obviously, other members can immediately notice you’re absent judging by this simple criterion.

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Is there any way to leave a group chat without them being notified? They won’t get any notification saying that you left but the group chat will automatically move to the top of everyone’s conversations on Snapchat.

Sometimes individuals on Snapchat may want to remove unwelcome members from their group chat. While social media remains a tool for communication, it can sometimes become a toxic environment that disrupts the platform, and on occasion, this can happen within a group that was previously not as toxic.

Unlike iMessage and most other social media platforms, there is no way to kick someone out of a Snapchat group chat. While there is normally one user who can act as admin, Snapchat gives all users in the group full autonomy, offering each user the ability to change the name of the chat or add new members at their discretion.

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