does it show when you pin someone on snapchat

Will a Pinned Friend Receive a Pinning Notification? No. It doesn’t matter if you tap on unpin or pin someone – your friends will not receive notifications when you do this.

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This allows users to keep in touch with those that matter to them, while free to follow as many other Snapchatters as they like. Pinning also helps better organize your chat screen since you don’t have to scroll through your hundreds of snaps to find your favorite person! What do you need? Will Snapchat notify the user?

In the bottom bar of the app, tap “Chat” (a bubble icon). On the “Chat” screen, tap and hold the conversation you want to pin. In the menu that opens, tap “Chat Settings.” In the “Chat Settings” menu, tap “Pin Conversation.” And your selected chat is now pinned to the top of the “Chat” screen.

Even if you haven’t interacted with the user, but they sent you a snap/message, the user is moved to the top of the chat column. However, when you pin a user they remain at the top, irrespective of who has sent the last snap/message.

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