does pinning someone on snapchat notify them

Their chat will move up to the top of the list, tagged with a thumbtack emoji. They won’t receive any sort of notification about it. You can only have up to three conversations pinned at a time. To take away someone’s pin, hold your finger down on them again, select Chat Settings, and then Unpin Conversation.

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What does pin mean in Snapchat?

If you’re new to the word Pin in Snapchat, it’s simply a feature to help keep those contacts or messages on top of your Snapchat feed. The pinning function is only available for the iOS app so far. What you need to do is swipe right to the chat pad. Here you need to tap and keep your finger on a friend’s name or conversation.

How many times can you pin a chat on Snapchat?

You can pin up to three chats on Snapchat. If you no longer want to keep the current chat pinned, you can simply unpin it. Go to the Snapchat chat screen. Long-press a pinned chat and tap More.

How do you unpin a chat on Snapchat?

If you use Google Chat, you can pin conversations in that service as well. To unpin a chat and remove it from the top of the “Chat” screen, first, open Snapchat on your iPhone. In the app’s bottom bar, tap the “Chat” option (a bubble icon). On the “Chat” page, tap and hold the pinned chat to unpin.

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