does reporting someone on snapchat block them

Snapchat’s Trust & Safety Team reviews all reports. If they find the content violates Snapchat’s Community Guidelines, they may remove the content or suspend the account. Only if necessary will they reach out to law enforcement.

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Who can see if you report someone on Snapchat?

Who can see that you have made the report? All reporting on Snapchat is anonymous. The person you report is not able to see that you have reported them, even if the report results in their content or account being removed. What if you report by accident?

How do I report offensive messages on Snapchat?

It’s the yellow-and-white ghost icon on your home screen or in the app drawer. Open the Snap or Story you want to report. If someone sent you an offensive Snap, swipe left to the Chat screen and tap the message. If it’s a story, swipe left to the Discover page, and then select the Story in question. Tap and hold the Snap or Story.

What happens when you report a Snapchat story or account?

When you report content on Snapchat, the moderators of the social media platform will receive the report and determine if the Story or account has violated its Community Guidelines. To report a Snapchat account:

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