does snapchat let you know when someone checks your story

Similarly, Snapchat doesn’t send you a notification when your story viewer plays it repeatedly. There’s also no way you can check how many times someone replayed your story on their phone. When you check your Story views, you’ll only see the number of people who viewed it and who viewed it.

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No. If you aren’t friends with the author of the content that your friend sent you. Snapchat won’t notify them that you screenshot. Instead snapchat will tell them that you viewed the story though.

Anyone can be online on Snapchat without actually uploading content on their profile but there’s still a way to know if someone is active by checking for your story views. If you have an active story on your Snapchat profile, you can check its viewers list.

The biggest feature, and perhaps the most important to the legacy of Snapchat, is the Story feature, which allows you to place photos and video snippets on your profile for your friends to view for up to 24 hours after.

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