does snapchat notify when you click on someone’s profile

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How to get notifications from other people on Snapchat?

If you go to Snapchat’s Settings, you will see the ‘Notifications’ option. From there, you can turn on the notifications for other friends Stories. You can even choose whose Stories you want to trigger the notifications. At the bottom of the screen tap ‘Story Notifications.’ Then tap the box to the left of each name you want to notify you.

What happens if you screenshot someone on Snapchat?

What happens if you screenshot a Snapchat profile? Recently, Snapchat changed their app so that it sends you a notification whenever somebody on your friend list takes a screenshot of your Snapchat profile. As a result, if you screenshot one of your friend’s profiles, then they will receive a push notification.

Does Snapchat have typing notifications?

Snapchat is not the only app that has typing notifications. Even the old Yahoo Messenger would show you a notification when someone else was writing a message. Of course, some apps only display that notification in the private chat box and not next to a person’s name on the friends’ list.

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