does snapchat show when you search someone

The Snapchat app will notify those users that you’ve added them, and they will also be able to see the method that you used to add them. For example, you can get a notification with “Added you from search” displayed below the username of someone who just added you.

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Then follow the steps below to find someone on Snapchat. Tap on Friends at the bottom right. From there, you’ll see all your contacts. Or you can share your Snapcode through message, email or other options. If you don’t know the person’s Snapchat username or phone number, you still can conduct a search using a name or email address: 1. Search here

Want to add someone on Snapchat without them knowing or without it saying added by search then here is how. When you add someone by searching them, Snapchat will say “added by search” to let them know when you did it. So, you’ve found someone you want to add as a friend, but maybe you don’t want them to know that you added them in a particular way.

Depending on their Snapchat privacy settings, however, they may not receive them if they only allow their friends to contact them. To search for the user who you suspect blocked you, tap the Search function at the top of the screen on the conversations tab or snap tab, marked by a magnifying glass icon.

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