does snapchat tell someone when you delete them

Similar to Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat doesn’t sell you out to the person you unfriended. They are not notified, and they won’t know for sure what has happened to them until they start digging around or try to send you a Snap.

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Can a friend know if you deleted them on Snapchat?

Yes, they will know if you have deleted them, and removed them from your friend’s list on Snapchat. In every Snapchat user’s profile, there is a list of “Snapchatters who have added you back”. If they check the list and you are not in there, they’ll be able to understand that they’ve been removed as a friend.

How to delete someone’s account on Snapchat?

Go to your friends list. Tap the username of the account you wish to remove on Snapchat. Tap the gear icon to the right of their name. Select ”Delete” to remove them from your contacts.

What happens when you unfriend someone on Snapchat?

It is to be noted that while Snapchat doesn’t notify users when you remove them from your friend list, it would most definitely make a peep when you add them back. This means they would clearly see that you’ve added them back, which would reveal that you’d unfriended them a while back.

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