does snapchat tell someone when you half swipe

Half-swipe on Snapchat involves partially opening the message, but releasing it before it fully opens. This way, you’re able to see the contents of the message without anyone knowing. We’ve tested this and can confirm this trick still works!

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Even Snapchat doesn’t know when you half slide as it only registers when you have fully opened that user’s message, which is when you tap once on the user’s name on the chat panel. So now you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are coming across as the person on the other end has no idea.

Does Snapchat Show (Your Bitmoji) When You Half Swipe? Snapchat has been allowing users to half-swipe for years and it has been a big hit, especially if you don’t want to respond to that person’s message right away. However, now you’re wondering whether your Bitmoji pops up when you do this as you’ve never given it much thought.

A popular social media app is making it harder for users to peek at their messages. The half-swipe feature on Snapchat, which was a popular and unintentional part of the original app design, allowed users to see messages from others without notifying them that the messages had been read.

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