does snapchat tell someone when you rewatch their story

As a Snapchat+ subscriber, you’ll see the 👀 emoji under Stories that one or more friends have rewatched (as long as the Story has more than one view). You can see how many friends rewatch Snaps that you post to My Story, Private Stories, or Shared Stories.

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Does Snapchat notify people when you screenshot a story they sent?

No. If you aren’t friends with the author of the content that your friend sent you. Snapchat won’t notify them that you screenshot. Instead snapchat will tell them that you viewed the story though.

How to know if someone shares your Snapchat story with you?

On Snapchat it is not possible for user to know if someone shares their ‘Snapchat Story’ with anyone. The user would not receive any kind of notification if their ‘Snapchat story’ is being sent or shared with someone else. However, there is a way by which user can restrict some people to not be able to see their story. 2. Tap on ‘View My Story’ 3.

What is Snapchat’s story feature?

The biggest feature, and perhaps the most important to the legacy of Snapchat, is the Story feature, which allows you to place photos and video snippets on your profile for your friends to view for up to 24 hours after.

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