does snapchat tell you if someone looks at your profile

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Apart from that, Snapchat won’t let you know if someone looked at your location even after installing the latest update. The app only updates your location on the Snap Map when you’re using it. But the shared location is a bit too accurate for most people’s liking and should be tweaked to a more general location to respect one’s privacy.

However, if you screenshot someone’s location on their profile then it will tell the other person via a notification that someone has screenshotted their profile. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to see someone’s location when they are on ghost mode. This is because Snapchat has robust privacy protocols when it comes to ghost mode.

When you view the travel card, the person whose trip you’re tracking does not get an alert or notified directly. However, on the profile display inside Snapchat, if you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see that Snapchat treats your movements like a Story. Meaning, you’re able to see who viewed your specific activity on the map.

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