does snapchat tell you when someone saves a photo

Also, the sender is notified if anyone takes a screenshot, replays or records the selfie or the chat to them. However, the new Snapchat update allows users a chance to download the received selfies directly on their camera roll. That is the reason why many users are wondering about how to save a picture on Snapchat.

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What does it mean when a Snapchat message is saved?

However, Snapchat also has a feature where if you hold down a message, the background turns gray and it says “saved”. This means that message will remain there forever until you unsave it. It can also be gray if the other party has saved it.

How do I know if someone has saved my screenshots?

You will get a notification if someone screenshots it normally. They can also take a picture of it with a different device, which makes it so you can’t know if they saved it. There are also a few other ways that people can save your messages and snaps without you knowing.

What are Snapchats and how do they work?

Snapchats are supposed to be quick, fleeting photos. The idea behind the app is that the picture disappears after 10 seconds or less. Anyone can take screenshots and save photos, but doing so notifies the sender that their photo saved.

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