does someone know if i save a chat on snapchat

The person you’re chatting to won’t be notified that you’ve saved it, nor will you be notified if any of yours are saved. This way, there’ll be no more awkward moments where you have to recap over what you were just talking about, and you can also keep any nice or memorable texts you receive.

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How to save Snapchat messages long-term?

Here’s what you need to do to save your conversations long-term on Snapchat: Open the app and go to Chats on the bottom left. Open the conversation of the friend whose message you want to save. Tap on the message and press and hold. That’s it, the message will be archived.

Do saved chat messages show up on other people’s screen?

Yes, once you save a chat, it turns grey for both you and the other person, so you both can see it until it’s either deleted or you both unsave it yes, it does show,, also when you save chat it doesn’t delete after the 24hr period it stays up on both yours and the other person chat. Yes.

What happens when you save a picture on Snapchat?

Yes, when saving messages they become highlighted grey not only on your screen but the other user’s screen (but a notification isn’t sent). If you screenshot or save a picture from the chat, snapchat will send a notification to the user to alert them and it will be written in the chat.

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