does someone know when you pin them on snapchat

Pinning someone on Snapchat doesn’t change their account status at all. People that you pin don’t even get a notification about it. This feature makes locating a conversation easier within the Snapchat app.

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What happens when you pin someone as your BFF on Snapchat?

When you pin someone as your BFF, they will appear at the top of your chat list as your #1 Best Friend. This will allow you to easily visit their profile or chat with them. Do note that your friend does not need to have an existing friend emoji to pin them.

What is pinning a conversation on Twitter?

As the name suggests, this feature allows you to pin a conversation making it easy for you to notice snaps from these contacts. The pinned conversations appear on the top of your Friends screen. The following tweet contains an example image of a pinned conversation:

How do I pin or unpin a conversation in messenger?

You will see a red pin ? appear next to the user’s name. To unpin a conversation, simply follow the same steps by swiping right, tap and hold on the user chat, and select ‘Unpin conversation’. When you pin a conversation, no matter how low it is on the list, that conversation will move to the top of the chat list.

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