how do you get snapchat subscribers

Tap on your newly created public profile, and then tap on Preview Profile, and you should have a subscribe button. Please note that there are four requirements for creating a Public Profile: Must be 18 years or older. Your Snapchat account must be more than 24 hours old.

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How to get a Snapchat creator profile and subscribe badge?

The other way to obtain a Creator profile and get the Subscribe badge is to create plenty of content and share it with as many people as possible. When you make an effort to create fresh and engaging content, Snapchat takes notice and rewards you. However, the process is gradual. You have to post relatively often and deliver consistent quality.

How to become a creator on Snapchatter?

There are two ways a Snapchatter can go from the regular profile to the Creator profile and earn the Subscribe button. 1. Create Original Snapchat Lenses The first one is to create original Lenses. It’s one of the features Snapchat is most famous for, and they’re always on the lookout for more Lenses.

Can you see how many subscribers you have on Snap Star?

That changes today as the social media app now allows creators to publicize how many subscribers they have. For now, subscriber count will be visible when you search for Snap Star profiles (profiles marked with a black star inside a yellow circle).

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