how to find someone using snapchat code

Point your camera to the user’s Snapcode and tap and hold the screen for a few seconds before letting go. The camera should automatically scan the Snapcode and locate their account. 5. Tap Add Friend to add the person to your Snapchat contacts list.

If you are looking for how to find someone using snapchat code then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

How to add someone on Snapchat?

Suppose you have a Snapchat account. You can find the person using their username, phone number or sharing your Snapcode to invite them on Snapchat: 1. Search by username Tap on the search icon. Type in the person’s username and you’ll be able to see the account under the Add Friends section.

How to scan a Snapchat code with your phone?

The first step in scanning Snapcodes is to open the camera of the app. To prompt the scan, tap any of the surfaces of the camera. Then select the scan icon. And you are good to go. 2. Have your friend open its Snapcode on its phone.

What is Snapcode on Snapchat and how to use it?

Snapcode is a special kind of image that you can scan with to do much stuff, such as adding a friend. If your friend has shown you their Snapcode, or you’ve got hold of his/her Snapcode, you can scan it and add them as a contact. On your device, open Snapchat and point the camera at the Snapcode.

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