how to find someones bday on snapchat

Click on the “Chat” option in the navigation bar at the lower end of the interface. Select a friend from the chat history. Tap the small, rocket-shaped icon. Press “Minis” and choose “Birthdays” from the list of options.

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Here’s how to see your friends’ birthdays on Snapchat. If you wanted to surprise one of your pals with a nice little birthday treat (or maybe you want to know how to cue up an excuse to miss one of their parties), then you can easily glean that information thanks to Snapchat. As long as they put their actual birthday on their profile, that is.

How do you have a birthday party on Snapchat?

Snapchat also has a “Birthday Party” feature if you’re not aware. To enable it, jump into your settings, then hit “Birthday” under the “My Account” menu.

How do you find out someone’s birthday on Facebook?

If it’s anyone’s birthday, a cake emoji will display to the right of their name. [1] If you know someone’s full name, you may be able to look them up on Facebook to find their birthdate.

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