how to find someones snapchat name after deleting them

The only other option Snapchat users have to find usernames of those they’ve deleted is to download their Snapchat data from the website. Log in and click on the ‘Data’ link. From there you can download all of your Snapchat stored data as a zip file to your computer.

If you are looking for how to find someones snapchat name after deleting them then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

How to Tell if Someone Deleted their Snapchat? Your friends and everyone you will ever add, will all show up on your friend’s list. If any name has disappeared from the friend list then it could be because they have deleted their Snapchat. So how to tell if someone deleted their Snapchat ?

So, if you can’t remember your friend’s username or contact information, and you just now, very accidentally deleted them, your first stop should be to check if they are still on your friends’ list. If your friend’s username is still on your friends’ list, you can easily add them back. To do this, you should: Go to the Snapchat app.

If you can no longer see their score, they may have removed you from their friends list. However, if you can see their full name, username, and snap score, you’ll confirm that the person is still on your friends list. So just removing you won’t make the person disappear from your friends list.

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