how to get a score on snapchat

How to Get Your Snapchat Score Up
  1. Your Snapchat score will only increase by sending photo and video Snaps. Text messages sent through the Snapchat app do not count.
  2. You don’t get extra points for sending the same Snap to multiple users. You need to send a unique Snap to get a point.

If you are looking for how to get a score on snapchat then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

What Does It Mean When A Girl Has A High Snap Score? A higher score definitely means your life is a lot better without needing to just stalk you or posing as someone else. In most cases, the snap score over a million will not be considered particularly coveted.

“Your Snapchat score is determined by a super-secret special equation that combines the number of Snaps you’ve sent and received, the Stories you’ve posted, and a couple of other factors.” As you can see, some of that is fairly straight forward. The Snaps sent and received and Stories posted is an easy way to get your score up.

Does someone know if you check their Snapchat score? The answer is no. A Snapchat user has no idea when you check their Snapchat score. That said, it is important to remember that you can only view the Snapchat score of someone that has added you as a friend.

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