how to get on discover page snapchat

How to get on Snapchat Discover. Become a Snapchat publishing partner. Submit to be featured on Snapchat’s Story. Make sure your story meets the community guidelines.

If you are looking for how to get on discover page snapchat then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

Some stories are chosen by the Snapchat team, while others are chosen by trusted third-party services. For your story to be featured on Snapchat’s, you first have to post the Story. Then, in the editor tool, you can click “Add to Our Story” to submit yours. If chosen, your story has the chance to be featured on the Discover page.

Snapchat Stories and Snapchat Discover are an entertaining addition to the core messaging experience. You can get a quick, entertaining rundown of your friend’s day and you can read the latest headlines from CNN, Mashable, and more — all within one app. Make no mistake, Snapchat likes it that way.

Snapchat’s Discover tab allows users to search for content that they would like to view. It also creates a playlist of sorts, of what the app thinks you would like, based on your activity.

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