how to.get somebody snapchat

Taking a photo of someone’s code in Snapchat makes you automatically add them as a friend. Once you have screenshotted or even saved the picture of the SnapCode, navigate to the ‘Add Friends’ tab in your Snapchat app.

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In order to become best friends on Snapchat, you must communicate with them more than you communicate with most of your other friends. Your friend also must communicate with you in the same manner if they want you on their Best Friends list. You can have up to six best friends. 2

Method 1. View Someone’s Snapchat Friends by Logging Into Their Account Method 2. Find Your Friend’s Snapchat Friends from the Quick Add Section Method 3. By Going to Their Profile Below, you will find three different methods. If you want to see who someone’s Snapchat friends are. Method 1.

Tap the search bar. It’s at the very top of the screen. Your phone’s keyboard will pop up. Type in your friend’s username. This will search the Snapchat database for them. You should see your friend’s username appear in the middle of the page. Tap + Add. It’s next to your friend’s username. This will add them to your Snapchat friends list.

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