how to get your snapchat on the discover page

How to get on Snapchat Discover. Become a Snapchat publishing partner. Submit to be featured on Snapchat’s Story. Make sure your story meets the community guidelines.

If you are looking for how to get your snapchat on the discover page then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

Like it or not, since the Discover tab is part of the design of the app, there is no way to simply get rid of it. There are some third-party apps that claim that they can, but it is highly unadvisable to do so. Besides, using third-party apps on Snapchat is a sure-fire way to get your account suspended.

If you want your Snap to get featured anonymously, don’t stick your Snapcode on it, but if you want to get discovered by other Snapchatters on Discover page or wandering around SnapMap, put your Snapcode on it. If your story is interesting enough, people can screenshot the story and add you by scanning the screenshot of your Snapcode.

Some stories are chosen by the Snapchat team, while others are chosen by trusted third-party services. For your story to be featured on Snapchat’s, you first have to post the Story. Then, in the editor tool, you can click “Add to Our Story” to submit yours. If chosen, your story has the chance to be featured on the Discover page.

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