how to get your snapchat score higher fast

You need to be regular on Snapchat and keep sending Snaps to your friends if you want your score to move upwards. Also, they should reply with Snaps of their own.

Ways to Increase Your Snapchat Score
  1. Send More Snaps to Raise Your Score. …
  2. Add New Friends to Raise Your score. …
  3. Open Snaps Regularly to Increase Your Score.
Jul 13, 2022

If you are looking for how to get your snapchat score higher fast then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

  • Try to send more snaps in a day to your friends to build your snap score. (remember sending messages and making calls won’t make any increase in your snapscore)
  • Making groups will not help you in gaining Snapscore. …
  • Updating stories will also help you in building your snap score.

The most common link between changes in the score and sending and opening snaps is that they are sent and opened. You can use Snapchat to increase your score, but it doesn’t increase your score. Maybe you can use it to convince some of your friends or followers to open up more snaps you send them.

Unfortunately, as of 2021, there is still no way to hide your Snapchat score from your friends. You can hide your stories and your map location. You can even create private stories. However, the only way to stop someone from being able to view your score is to remove them as a friend. Why do people want to hide their Snapchat score?

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