how to get your snapchat score up without sending snaps

You can’t get any points from sending or receiving a normal message on Snapchat. You need to send and receive Snaps. Watching friends’ stories won’t increase your Snapchat Score. Posting your own Stories does help increase your score.

If you are looking for how to get your snapchat score up without sending snaps then you must check out the given reference guide below to know more.

Your Snapchat score goes up every time you open a snap. When you open a snap, you will receive one point. This is an incentive to keep the app open and check out what your friends have been up to. The score will only go up when you open the snap rather than receive a snap. So if you still haven’t opened the snap, your score will remain the same.

This is because opening snaps is not the only activity on the app that earns you points. You can still receive a good number of points by sending a couple of dozen snaps, adding a snap to your story, and even adding friends who add you back. All these points add up to your total Snapchat score even without opening other users’ snaps.

If you send someone a Snapcode, their score will increase. Your score increases by opening your snaps and stories so users can see and interact with them. So, while your Snapchat score will not increase if you don’t open any snaps or stories, it can still go up if other people interact with you.

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