is it true snapchat is getting rid of memories

Snapchat Isn’t Deleting Memories, Here’s How to Save Them Anyway. Some Snapchat users were startled this week after getting a message from friends or seeing a screenshot of a message that appeared to be from Team Snapchat that said their “memories” in the app would be deleted. But fortunately for users, it’s not true.

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For now, Snapchat users don’t need to worry, their memories are safe in the app, but anyone who wants to save their memories to their device anyway can do so. Saving old memories can take quite some time because users need to go through their memories individually and tap, hold and then export each one they want to save to their device.

Social media apps are constantly competing for users’ screen time and with new updates and filters constantly being added to these platforms, it’s not surprising that older features become obsolete and get deleted. However, fans have taken to Twitter to call out a Snapchat rumor.

But, there is a new rumor circulating online that Snapchat is getting rid of this fun feature on Dec. 1, 2020. And, Twitter is not happy.

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