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Application Testing

Application Testing

We contemplate performance as a vicinity of specialty on its own. We validate and check the performance of the software applications under pre-defined conditions such as across locations or by a number of concurrent users or transactions. We use our experience in developing and implementing giant, complicated systems to style and execute performance testing and capability simulations.

What do we offer?

Cross browser testing validates the compatibility of a website across different browsers, operating systems and screen resolutions. We understand this requirement & generate browser-OS-resolution combinations that are in mainstream use. Sanmol Software has a method that focuses on a variety of browser compatibility issues like lack of support to certain features/components, positioning issues, browser engine restrictions & support to different platforms, etc.

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We facilitate our clients to boost quality levels and supply a higher come back on investment in conjunction with fabulous customer service levels. Our services ar offered as a seamless extension to your in-house IT and business testing capabilities. We work closely with you to tailor a program of support that meets your desires and ensures your systems deliver the goods the standard levels demanded by the software system.

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