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The Snapchat lens is part of Sony’s marketing push to drive fans of the Marvel character into theaters to see “Venom,” which hits wide release Oct. 5. “Venom” could pull in $65 million-$70 million over its three-day opening weekend, per industry estimates, which would mark the biggest-ever October film release.

How to unlock venom lens on Snapchat?

venom – Snap Lens Finder Snapchat lens by objectspace – Snaplenses. Tap to Unlock Snapchat lens by objectspace – Snaplenses. Tap to Unlock venom

What is the ‘venom’ lens?

The “Venom” lens, which also features a clip of Eminem’s track for the movie of the same name, began rolling out Thursday on Snapchat in countries outside the U.S. In the States, Snapchat users will have access to the “Venom” AR lens starting at midnight local time on Friday.

How do you make your voice sound like Venom on Snapchat?

With the Sony-sponsored “Venom” lens, users can tap the Venom icon to toggle between changing their voice to sound like the symbiote or playing the Eminem track. The video clips can then be shared with friends or posted as part of a Snapchat Story.

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