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Solution in Brief

  • CayERP solution we build for utility and service based company on cayman islands. This solution avail all features as below:
    1. Admin
    2. Purchasing
    3. Shipping
    4. Receiving
    5. Job Management
    6. Inventory
    7. Estimate, Quote Management.
    8. Invoices Management
    9. Kits / Assembly management
    10. QuickBook integration
    11. Technician scheduling
    12. Timesheet Management
    13. HR & Payroll Management
  • Admin module has options to manage master data for the business logic and data used in application.
  • Purchasing module has options to create PO online from anywhere, reserve PO, user can create Purchase requests and manage purchase requests also user can see item details we have implemented this item maintenance functionality.
  • Shipping module has containers management functionality where users can create containers and import data to containers from purchase orders. When user will complete container processing then it will get transfer to receiving.
  • Receiving module has functionality like receive containers, receive purchase orders, receive items, manage transfers etc.
  • Job management module is web based system for user where user can create jobs, projects, locations and assign that to technicians where technicians can work on jobs in real time and update status online.
  • Inventory module has functionality to manage products inventory, products maintenance, products Lookup etc.
  • This application implemented using role base security. We build this project end to end from scratch, involved in all steps and still we are working on this project and adding requirements day by day.
  • If you are interested in this solution please contact us at your time, we will help you for sure!

Our Working Process


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02. Find ideas and Discuss


03. Implement and Deploy Ideas


04. Achieve customer Goals

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