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Solution in Brief

  • Sta-mar is web based system build for billing, customs clearance, invoicing, book keeping, data processing and document management.
  • This system is agile and flexible enough to integrate QuickBook and Cayman government system used to clear shipments. Here is the list of features :
    1. User management
    2. Data processing
    3. Brokerage processing
    4. Customs processing
    5. Invoices and billing
    6. Document management
    7. Reports
    8. QuickBook Integration
    9. Multi Currency handling
    10. Customer Management
    11. Tariff Code Management
  • This system produce xml, csv and xls files that will directly imports to Cayman Government shipping clearance system.
  • This system produce custom entries in required format. This system saving customer time, resources, cost and easy to use.
  • All invoices and billing data will be pushed to QuickBook very easily from this system.
  • We have installed shipping software to UPS, NCI, CVL sinse more than 2 years & working on SPRINT migration to new shipping software.
  • We looking to deploy this system for some more customers and it is in progress.
  • If you are interested in this solution please contact us at your time, we will help you for sure!

Our Working Process

Working Process 1

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Working Process 2

02. Find ideas and Discuss

Working Process 3

03. Implement and Deploy Ideas

Working Process 4

04. Achieve customer Goals

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