what do all the symbols mean on snapchat story

Blue solid arrow: You sent a Chat message to this friend. Blue unfilled arrow: Your friend opened your Chat message. Blue solid square: This friend sent you a Chat message. Blue unfilled square: You viewed a Chat message from this friend. Blue double unfilled arrows: This friend took a screenshot of a Chat message.

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Gold heart: You’re #1 best friends with each other, meaning you’ve sent the most Snaps to them and they’ve sent the most Snaps to you. You can have other best friends, but Snapchat’s heart emoji are just for your very best friends, based on how many messages you send back and forth. Red heart: You’ve been #1 best friends for two weeks.

1 Red is a Snap without audio 2 Purple is a Snap with audio 3 Blue is a Chat 4 Gray is pending, either because the message has expired or because you’re sending to someone who hasn’t yet accepted your friend request

It appears next to a friend’s name on Snapchat when you are their best friend, but they are not. It means that this friend is sending you the most number of snaps, but you are not doing this. It is used to show the highest level of friendship. It shows that you, too, our real BFFs.

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