what do blue dots over ppl on snapchat map mean

The blue dot means that the person you’re messaging is currently in the conversation with you. The smiley emoji means that they just opened the chat window.

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When the blue dot changes to a smiley, it means they are typing a reply or actively looking at your Snap. When the dot and the smiley are both gone, it means that the person is no longer in the chat with you.

Since Snapchat released its July 2017 update, may users are wondering what the color spots mean on the Snapchat map. The color spots are “heat-mapped areas,” that denote places where multiple users have shared snaps to “Our Story.” But what do the color spot on Snapchat map mean specifically?

Because the Chat page gets a blue accent color. Tapping a Snapchat Story with a blue ring lets you see the Story exactly the same as if you tapped it on the Stories page. After watching the Story, you’re redirected to the Chat page and the blue ring disappears — being replaced by an arrow icon indicating you can rewatch the Story.

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