what do ghost symbols mean on snapchat

Scheming Ghost: This ghost is up to something. IDK Ghost: “I don’t know,” clueless or dizzy. LOL Ghost: “Laughing out loud,” laughing hysterically with tears of joy. Angry Ghost: An expression of rage, grumpiness or annoyance. Shocked Ghost: This ghost is surprised.

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After you open Snapchat, follow these steps to turn on Ghost Mode: Tap on your profile picture. Tap on the settings icon in the top right corner, which looks like a gear. Scroll down to Who Can… and tap on See My Location . At the top you’ll see the option for Ghost Mode.

From left to right, they mean: Gray solid arrow: You sent a Snap that is pending, which may mean that you’re sending to someone who hasn’t accepted your friend request When you post a photo or video to a story (or feed), it’s usually visible by all of your friends and they can share your story.

It simply means “Rock on.” It is a way to encourage you to continue the snapping. This is a “Laughing out loud” Snapchat Ghost. Although many users erroneously take this ghost to imply shedding tears of sadness, it rather means laughing out so much when expressing happiness.

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