what do locked snapchat stories mean

The lock symbol next to a Snapchat story means that a particular story is private. This feature has been on the app for a long time and enables users to share any story only with a few people.

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The lock appears on Snapchat stories that are private. Typically, Snapchat stories are public for anyone on your friends list to see. However, you can create custom Snapchat stories for specific audiences. But how do you know if a story is custom? It has a lock on it! When a story is private, unapproved friends won’t see a story in their feed.

Such a story will portray a purple lock icon to any user who receives it. Private stories are a great way to post the content we want without worrying about a specific set of people who follow us on Snapchat. The purple padlock makes the viewer aware that what they’re viewing is a private story, unlike the regular stories, which are usually posted.

If you are wondering why some stories in your friends’ stories have little purple locks on them, you’re not alone. You see a lock because you are part of the private story your friend has created and shared with you (among other people, maybe). The lock simply indicates that the person has shared a private story with you.

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