what do recents mean on snapchat 2020

Quick Answer. When you wish to send snaps, you just have to go to the “Recents” area, which displays all the people you’ve recently messaged. If someone appears in your Recents, it’s because you’ve likely spoken to them frequently for some time.

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Your Snapchat Recents is simply a list of your app activity from conversations to snaps. You can’t actually delete the list itself, but you can delete conversations and search history. Go to the Settings menu by tapping on the gear icon on the Profile screen

Snapchat users have been noticing a new feature where they get a notification saying someone has ‘added you by story’. Whilst you may have only just noticed the feature with the recent update, it has actually existed for years and it’s not new at all. The feature was introduced back in 2017 alongside the ‘group story’ feature.

Their profile will show up in your list of people that you can send snaps to. When you open up their profile and if they haven’t added you back—you won’t see a blue friend icon on the upper right corner of their profile. “Your snaps and chats are pending until they add you back.”

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