what do snapchat ghost mean

These ghosts, variations of Snapchat’s mascot Ghostface Chillah, appear in the Added Me section of the mobile app, next to the list of names in a user’s friends list. Only Snapchat users who have not uploaded a custom selfie to their Snapcode will have white ghosts displayed next to their usernames.

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Snapchat Ghost Rock On. A first-time look at this ghost will give you a wrong impression. It will hit you as if giving the middle finger. However, a closer look will give you the real meaning of the ghost. It simply means “Rock on.” It is a way to encourage you to continue the snapping.

The ghost is usually used when someone has no idea about what you ask him or her. It may also be a reaction to something the other person is completely aware of. The ghost sign simply means “I don’t know.” On the other hand, it may be an expression of how the other person feels about his or her relationship with you.

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